Wood Rose
Shadow Box
Touched Forever Flowers
Item 199- Personalized Shadow Box
1- Personalized Shadow Box- $ 55.00 sale $ 39.99

Includes: 5" x 7" x 2.5" Wood Shadow Box with glass front,
Single Large Personalized Rose Bud, Two Small
Personalized Rose Buds, Baby Breath, Accent Roses and
Personalized Wooden Rose Shadow Box: A truly unique
keepsake which expresses your heart felt emotions and lasts
forever!  A great gift for mounting on the wall or displaying on a
desk or mantel.  You choose the large bud and small bud colors
and inscriptions.   
I just received your wonderful flowers. They are really awesome. Thanks again for the prompt
..Susanne from NC         

We received them & both Patty & I were very pleased.  We will certainly keep you in mind next
year for senior gifts and will pass along your web site info for anyone interested when they see
the flowers.  Very unique & very nicely done.  We think the kids will like them much better than
a live bouquet they can't keep for long.  By the way, we both thought the white with green tips
were even nicer than green so it worked out we got to see both.  We liked the green too though.  
.. Sandra from PA

Karen I am getting everything together for the christening tomorrow. I will truly write a beautiful
feedback. These roses are gorgeous and I am so pleased. I want to thank you for selling me such
a gorgeous product and for such a quick delivery.  ..
Eva from NY

Thought I would forward this email to you.     They all loved your roses tremendously!!!  Thanks
again!!!  I very much appreciate it!!
... Julie from OH

They were a huge success! We had calls and face to face thank yous, from several parents and
grand-parents! Your products are beautiful. Your service, especially the door to door delivery, is
what will keep you around for years with your clients. Good luck and let me know if there is
anything I can do to help with your success!
… Jack from KY

Hi Karen,  just wanted to let you know the flowers for the moms at our senior night last night was
a huge hit!  They were beautiful, such a neat gift.  I was so exited about them.  We passed out
your cards, you should get in the craft shows, there is one at Oak Hills in Nov. sometime.  
Thanks again, and we will keep you mind.
…Bev from OH

Thank you so much. We are not pregnant yet but I want to ready when we are. I am surprising
him with them by delivering them to him at work in front of his team! Once again thank you
helping me make this a memorable event!
…Jennifer from ID

Thanks for all your help, I received it yesterday, it looks great!! … Joe from PA

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I received the package you sent me.  I am
absolutely speechless!!!! You are so awesome and your product is beautiful -- so stunning and
unique.  It was so very nice of you to personalize them the way you did and to include the
sample of rose petals too.  I can not believe they are "wooden" roses.  They look 10 times better
than silk and actually look real and fresh -- perfect!! I am extremely interested.  I like the pink
and the condensed saying of "Valentines wishes from the mr and mrs".  I also like the other ones
you had put on the red ones, but the shorter saying fits great and looks and sounds great. We are
going to just add a small tag that has our names and the date.  I have the roses you sent in a
vase on display and have gotten so many compliments on them.  It is fun to have my friends try
and guess what they are made out of when they realize that they are not real.  I look at them
everyday and smile because I am so excited about getting married and also because they are so
pretty.  Thanks again for everything and it is too funny about how people ask about when to
water them, but I really cant blame them for asking that because they do look like the perfect
real rose.  Great work and thanks again so much for doing that for me. By the way, the bears are
adorable; I might have to get a set when I get paid!!! :)
… Carole from FL

I received them today and they are beautiful.   I will keep you in mind if I ever need flowers in
the future.
…Bonnie from UT

Just wanted to let you know I got the flowers today. Thanks for the unbelievably fast turn-
around. They look great!
…Nic from IN

I am the Chairperson of the Ways and Means Committee, Fairfield Tempo Club, Fairfield City
Schools, Fairfield, Ohio.  I have sold magazine subscriptions, tshirts, hoodies, food products - the
list goes on!  NOTHING has been as profitable as the roses and arrangements from Touched
Forever! We started selling roses individually at various concerts and music events.  Parents and
friends would purchase them to present to their performer after a concert.  I could not believe
how busy I became.  As the year progressed, we sold roses printed with Holiday logos, logos
representing the large events, and even Thank You roses for Teacher Appreciation Week.  
Students and parents never tired of this!  The students loved the many colors available; parents
loved the traditional reds, pinks and yellows.  Teachers  purchased bouquets for holiday
gifts/birthday gifts for fellow teachers. Many classrooms still have bouquets of Touched Forever
roses which will last forever!  I highly recommend this product as a fundraiser!  People have told
me how tired they are of the traditional wrapping paper, live flowers that don't make it home,
etc. The service and friendliness from this company is always excellent!
…Debbie from OH

I received the roses and my wife loved them. Thank you so much for the quick delivery and
added roses. Everything turned out very well.
… Mike from MA

I did receive the printed roses on Thursday, and I think they look beautiful!  They fit the theme
and the colors of the recital perfectly.  I really appreciate you getting them to me in a timely
…Sunny from KY

Just wanted to let you know the roses arrived late last night.  Now I can have fun making
bouquets!  Thank you again; they are lovely.
… Rachel from TX

Got your flowers last night when I got home.  How pretty!!  Wasn't expecting all the colors to be
in the package.  Very stunning though! My mom had surgery on Tuesday and what a surprise it
was to come home and find the flowers already there.  Even though my mom was in pain she
wanted to see the flowers NOW!!  When I opened that box the floral stick definitely was the first
thing to catch our attention.  It smells just like the floral shop that use to be by our house,
bringing back my good memories.  Then of course we came across the personalized rose and
daisies.  The rose is so stunning and loved the daisies too! Then the tulips.  Karen, they are
beautiful and can't wait to show my future mother-in-law them.  The peach color is perfect and
the white are so real looking that my mom had gotten a bouquet from her sister which had white
tulips in it and we put them side by side and you could not tell the difference.  I have shown and
told my co-workers, friends and family about them and have given them your web page
information. Then we saw the lily, which we went crazy over. I need prices also on your scent
sticks.  If the other scents smell half as good as the one you sent me I will be extremely pleased.  
I broke off a piece and brought to work to add in my silk flower arrangement, now everyone is
asking if I brought flowers in.  I LOVE IT!!!!  I am extremely please with everything. Again
Karen,  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!  I look forward to working with you again and again.                 
… Sarah from IL
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Item 199- Personalized Shadow Box
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